Kincaid Taylor Geyer Attorneys At Law Zanesville Ohio
Kincaid Taylor Geyer Attorneys At Law Zanesville Ohio

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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Kincaid, Taylor & Geyer clients include major, independent and family-owned oil and gas companies, pipeline companies, oil and gas well operators, drilling contractors, waste water disposal companies, seismic companies, transportation companies, insurers, financial institutions, and other service and supply companies involved with the industry. We have experience in a vast range of services for the oil, gas and energy industry, and regularly represent companies and producers in courts, in transactions and before arbitral tribunals and before regulatory agencies throughout the United States.

Oil and gas title attorneys

Providing quick, accurate real estate and mineral title opinions and searches is something Kincaid, Taylor & Geyer takes great pride in and has been doing for over 100 years. In the late 1970’s KTG successfully argued the landmark case Heifer v. Bradford to the Ohio Supreme Court; a case that still affects how mineral title opinions are performed to this day. Experience and understanding title related issues sets Kincaid, Taylor & Geyer apart from the many firms that claim to be oil and gas attorneys. The firm also employs two full-time, in-house title abstractors


Kincaid, Taylor, Geyer has experience in all aspects of oil and gas leasing, including:

  • Oil and gas leases and disputes
  • Litigation
  • Oil and gas unitization and pooling
  • Surface damage and pollution claims
  • Land reclamation
  • Accommodation of split estates
  • Dormant Mineral Act
  • ODNR compliance and hearings